Citation Politics, Special Issues, and Identifying “Core” Rhetoric Journals

You can Google “Rhetoric Journals” and find lists, usually from either disciplinary organizations or folks working for libraries, that identify journals that cover rhetoric as an academic subject area. American Rhetoric and The Consortium of Doctoral Programs in Rhetoric and Composition both keep a list, for example. The problem with these types of lists isContinue reading “Citation Politics, Special Issues, and Identifying “Core” Rhetoric Journals”

Where do Citation Metrics Come From?

Frequently when citation metrics are written about in popular press, they are critiqued for their (mis)use and abuse. There’s a lot to be said about why metrics don’t measure what they say they do. The journal impact factor (JIF), for example, highlights how frequently articles in a specific journal are cited within the last fewContinue reading “Where do Citation Metrics Come From?”