PhD Granting Institutions of CCCC Outstanding Book Award Winners, 1991-2022

In a previous post I looked at which presses most often publish the winners for the CCCC Outstanding Book Award. The idea was to identify institutions that have significant power in deciding what is considered to be quality scholarship for people in rhetorical studies, in this case those associated with CCCC.

Below is a chart of the PhD granting institutions of the book award winners, hoping I might see some more patterns, and I did. A word about method. This list includes only the first author for each winner (and honorable mention). In a future post, I’ll put together a graph with all authors for comparison. For most authors I used information from the WorldCat record of their winning book along with ProQuest’s dissertation database to identify their PhD granting institution. Some authors were a little bit more difficult to identify, and I ended up looking to their Library of Congress authority record if I couldn’t find their actual dissertation in the dissertation database. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has most frequently granted the degree of the award winner. Other notable institutions were the University of Arizona, University of Michigan, and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Invisible Colleges theory doesn’t identify the many reasons those universities have been important, just that they have historically been. For instance, it could be that the faculty and student network in those schools tend to more often help students write monographs that would be considered for the award. Or maybe they’re particularly good at teaching their students how to go about being nominated. Or it could be that review committees have historically favored scholarship that resembles the types of work from those schools. Or maybe it’s luck. I’m hoping to better understand as I keep reviewing the texts that are part of this data set.

Here’s the full breakdown of PhD granting schools that have been trained students who went on to win the award.

Bar chart showing frequency of CCCC Outstanding Book Award Winners, 1991-2022

Data Table

PhD Granting SchoolNumber of Award Winners
University of Wisconsin Madison7
University of Arizona3
University of Michigan3
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill3
Ohio State University3
Purdue University2
Rutgers University2
Temple University2
University of Pittsburgh2
University of Texas Austin2
Washington State University2
Brandeis University1
Carnegie Mellon University1
Illinois State University1
Indiana University Bloomington1
Louisiana State University1
Michigan Technological University1
New York University1
State University of New York at Albany1
Syracuse University1
University of California Irvine1
University of California Los Angeles1
University of California San Diego1
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1
University of Kansas1
University of Massachusetts Amherst1
University of Northern Colorado1
University of Tennessee1
University of Texas Arlington1
University of Virginia1
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee1
Washington University St. Louis1

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